Sex tips from the stepmom

Hope Howell‘s boyfriend stops by to help load up the truck, because she’s going away to college. He’s tall, buff and strong. He’s in the garage picking up boxes, breaking a sweat. Seems like Hope’s stepmom Bridgette B is getting turned on by this. Especially when Jake takes his shirt off. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. Hope had no clue what was going on. She headed upstairs to make sure she doesn’t leave anything behind. Bad move! Bridgette couldn’t resist herself. She wanted the boyfriend’s cock in her mouth. Bridgette was sucking away until Hope catched them in the act. But, Hope wasn’t that mad. She joins in on the fun. Nothing like a good hardcore threesome before she goes off to college. No worries, the stepmom will keep an eye on her boyfriend while she’s gone.

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Naughty Athletics

Hope Howell is trying to teach Preston the art of archery, but he just can’t quite hit the bulls-eye as well Hope can. Hope thinks it’s a problem with his zen and not his shot, so they go inside to mediate. Hope seemingly has a more interactive approach because while Preston channeling his energy, Hope is getting undressed and starts to finger herself. She pulls his hand over to rub her clit before she stuffs her muff in his face. After this crazy fuck session, it looks like Preston is about to fire his best shot onto Hope’s face!

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My Friend's Hot Girl

Hope Howell is baking a cake for her boyfriend’s birthday, but she’s not great in the kitchen, so she calls her boyfriend’s friend, Johnny, over to help. Johnny is a real whiz in the kitchen and is very passionate about baking. The only thing that Hope is really passionate about is cream filling… and not the kind that goes inside pastries. Hope didn’t really want Johnny’s help making a cake, she was more interested in having him fill her with his batter. Johnny is a little hesitant at first seeing as Hope is his best friend’s girl, but all that hesitation goes away once Hope starts sucking down his meat thermometer.

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Sunday Morning

How can Jericha Jem sit reading a comic book while her girlfriend Hope Howell lays there looking as appetizing as a hot fudge sundae. When she finally can’t take it any longer, Hope rips the book out of Jericha’s hands, and places them where she wants them, right on her soft, plush boobs. From there, it’s no time before Jericha’s thighs are wide open so Hope can bury her face in between and tongue her sweet pussy.

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2 Chicks Same Time

Hailey Scott and Hope Howell really want to be actresses. Luckily they just met Danny, who is casting for a new horror flick. He brings them home to see how hungry they are to be actresses. Well, these girls will do anything to make it in Hollywood, including both sleeping with Danny in order to get the part. These girls really were hungry… hungry for Danny’s cock.

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Stick It In the Trunk

When you wanna fuck really bad, there’s nothing that can make you wait. This guy gets into a cab with his slutty girlfriend Hope Howell and they start fooling around. Get home so turned on, she lets him de-virginize her ass, and she loves every second of her first anal fuck.

Stick It In the Trunk starring Hope Howell

I Have a Wife

Hope Howell was hoping to get jiggy with her guy friend Roli after they went to dinner, but he’s married, so nothin’ doin’. Matter of fact, he’s so offended by her advances that he boots her out of his car and takes off, leaving her in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone signal. She knocks on the nearest door to ask to make a phone call and finds a nice, sexy married man whose old-school faithful values turns her on. The poor bastard doesn’t know what he’s in for until his big dick is in her mouth! Hope finally gets what she wants — a married man to fuck her!

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